• Orphans in Need
    In remote regions of India
    Reaches out to vulnerable children in remote region of the country
  • Enrolling children into good Schools
    Quality Education
    Empower a child in need with quality education
  • Deeni Ta'leem
    Encouraging Moral & Religious Education
    Teach good morals, kindness and compassion through Maktab studies.
  • Extra-curricular
    Games, Art, English Language & Computer Skill
    Encourage Creativity with hobby
  • weekly visits, counseling and observation
    Supervisors support
    Caravan supervisors provide full support to each child and their family through weekly visits, counseling and observation
  • Vocational training
    Vocational Training - towards Independence
  • A child today
    Achieve great things with just a little help from us!


There are many ways you can get involved



As a sponsor, you can give a child living in a poor community hope for tomorrow.



Give a gift that meet urgent physical needs and offer the chance for a bright future




About Caravan

What We Do

Caravan's mission is to reach out to orphans and widows in their own communities, to enhance their quality of life and to facilitate continuous growth through outstanding education and spiritual growth in line with positive values. To support them through the challenges of life shoulder to shoulder and create a sense of belonging with Caravan and to share the journey of life with them as a family and create confidence and independence.

Where We Work

Starting from Kashmir in 2010, the journey of Caravan has been constantly ongoing. It has grown in both numbers and its geographical reach. After Kashmir, we explored Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh and thereafter Assam. Thus, the Caravan family kept adding to its members gradually and steadily, crossing over 539 families and 790 children today. Caravan is committed to working across all geographical boundaries, without distinction of religion, caste, creed or gender.

Who Benefits

India's most vulnerable population, especially orphans and widows and single women, who are now living in extreme poverty. Working with our partners and donors, we help families help themselves.

What You Can Do

Become a Donor today. Sponsor an orphan to obtain quality education or vocational training, help a widow create her own livelihood through micro financing, rebuild a family's home lost to disaster... and so much more.

Focus Area.

Caravan is intended to provide a holistic development of orphans, widow and single mothers and their families within their communities. Based on past and current community needs assessments, Caravan focus on the following areas for orphans and widows

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Our Causes

Caravan will work to offer autonomy to widows and quality education to orphans through a framework of financial and moral support. Specifically, our goal is to facilitate a sustainable, positive change in the lives of the Caravan families we work with through provision of the following projects

Become a Volunteer

JOURNEY TO THEIR DREAMS – Since 2010, Caravan has had a positive impact on the lives of orphans and widows in India. This short film shows how Caravan helps widows attain autonomy and access to education for the orphans to fulfil their potential. See how Caravan changes the lives of widows, their childeren and orphans for the better.

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Our Blog

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