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Access to Clean Water

Caravan 3 Assam Families Get Access to Clean Water With the Help of Caravan Donors
As we all know, availability and access to a clean source of drinking water is crucial. Unfortunately, three of our Caravan families in Assam were deprived of even a basic facility. For water they have to rely on unprotected, unclean sources of tank and river water at least half a mile from their homes. The only water they have access to is not fit for human consumption and can cause severe health problems and even death.
Caravan made an appeal to donors, a call to action and the Caravan community of donors quickly and generously responded. With their kindness and generosity, we were able to fund the purchase and installation of a tube well that will service all three families with clean, fresh water.
We'd like to thank each and every generous donor who so willingly helped these families in need.